Getting more from livestock: The potential of collective action to improve the quality of animal-source foods informally marketed by women


This project will characterize women’s collective action in informal markets for livestock and animal source foods, identify the major associated food-safety challenges, and evaluate women’s collective action for improving food safety. The goal of the project is more wealth and better health for women, men and children involved in the production, trade, and consumption of informally marketed livestock and animal-source food.

Specific objectives

  • To investigate the role of women in the production, processing and trade of livestock and animal-source foods in informal markets using a case study in Nigeria.
  • To better understand collective action by women in informal markets for livestock and animal-source foods, in particular, the extent of women’s participation in collective action, associated benefits and costs, differential participation relative to men and barriers to participation for women. 
  • To identify the main food quality and safety problems for important animal source foods informally marketed by women. 
  • To develop and test a collective action strategy based on the positive deviance model for overcoming these problems.