One Health Centre in Africa

About the One Health Centre in Africa (OHRECA)

The goal of the One Health Research, Education and Outreach Centre in Africa (OHRECA) is to enhance human, animal and the environment health by supporting applied research on One Health, developing capacity in One Health, supporting One Health network initiatives and developing pathways from evidence to policy and practice.

The centre’s research and development activities are implemented under four themes, each having its own defined technical (scientific), capacity and policy outputs and outcomes. The four themes are: preventing emerging infectious diseases; controlling neglected zoonoses; ensuring safe food; and reducing antimicrobial resistance.

To achieve these outcomes, the Centre will build on established research and development activities which ILRI has been implementing with multiple partners in the region for over 40 years. These initiatives have established strong One Health networks, research partnerships and knowledge products that can be transformed into policy guidelines. The centre will also link local and international researchers to catalyse exchange of knowledge with a hope of extending our horizons on One Health research and development.


An advisory committee of 10 representatives from institutions working on One Health will provide the centre with advice and guidance, with special attention to the specific needs of the African context.


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