Safe food, fair food


In Asia and Africa, most livestock products and fresh produce are sold in informal markets. The human health burden from food-borne disease is comparable to that of malaria, HIV/AIDS or tuberculosis. Unsafe food is also a barrier to market access for poor farmers.


Better management of food-borne disease could save nearly half a million lives a year and safeguard the livelihoods of over one billion small-scale livestock producers. We have infrastructure and policy linkages in six priority value chains to go to scale to 200 million consumers within five years.


Our approach is based on risk analysis. We identify the hazards in food and build policymakers’ capacity to understand risk-based approaches; policy will be more effective and efficient if based on actual risk to human health rather than the presence of hazards. We generate evidence and develop solutions to improve the safety of meat, milk and eggs in informal food markets.

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