Gender and equity


Access to livestock assets and income is often inequitable with regard to gender, age, ethnicity, etc. Various barriers to accessing technologies, services and markets limit the contributions of women and young people to their own livelihoods and aspirations, to their families and to the livestock sector.


By engaging with policymakers, providing them with supporting evidence and using packages of institutional and technical innovations, barriers will be reduced and opportunities provided for women and young people.


By researching gender and youth equity on the ‘livestock ladder’ (moving from keeping a few, small, low-value species, to gradually upgrading to more valuable and productive species): differentiated aspirations related to the livestock ladder, examining issues of entrepreneurship, differentiated market development and identifying policy barriers.

By developing technological and institutional innovation packages based on gender and youth at household, community and national levels.

Strategic research on livestock and its role in approaches to transforming gender relations and other social constructs: unpacking the capabilities needed to allow livestock to empower women and young people, leveraging nutrition for empowerment, understanding differentiated issues around climate change and the use of livestock as means for resilience.