Task force for risk assessment for food safety in Vietnam: Operational research to assist policy and capacity building


Risk analysis is considered the gold-standard approach for food safety management. However, in Vietnam, risk analysis capacity is lacking in practical application, especially in informal markets where most locally produced foods are bought and sold. Therefore, the food safety risk assessment task force was established in 2013 to develop the capacity of decision-makers and national researchers in Vietnam to use risk-based approaches for food safety management.


  • Interdisciplinary assessment team: The task force brought together risk assessment experts from universities and research institutes as well as representatives from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
  • Analyses of food safety policy and research evidence use for food safety policy: Key informant interviews were undertaken with 20 experts and policymakers in food safety.
  • Consultations: Meetings and workshops were held to identify the scope of activities, formulate priority issues in food safety and disseminate research findings.
  • Training and capacity building: Training sessions were held on risk assessment for task force members and staff from the ministries.
  • Case studies: Case studies on the use of risk assessment were conducted to characterize health risks associated with relevant food commodities in Vietnam, such as pork, fish and vegetables.