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Vacancy for a researcher on quantitative microbiological risk assessment

We are looking for a researcher who is a motivated team player with a great interest in the quantitative microbiological risk assessment (QMRA) and who has an affinity with behaviour of foodborne pathogens and cost-benefit analysis. This project is centred around the poultry and fresh vegetables chains in Burkina Faso and Ethiopia (ILRI-led Pull-Push-Project). For both value chains a QMRA will be developed. This project is linked to other projects within the same program wherein the public health burden for these commodities is determined, the value chains are mapped, and experimental sampling data are gathered.

Furthermore training, empowerment and consumer campaigns are developed. The QMRA will be instrumental in creating a baseline risk assessment model, helping in selecting most promising and cost-effective interventions to reduce the public health burden. Based on the obtained data within the overall program the QMRA model will be validated and further updated, it will be expanded with a cost-benefit model, and a generic extrapolation will be performed to extend the scope both for the relevant pathogens as well as geographically.

The application deadline is 27 May, 2019. For more information and submission, visit https://www.wur.nl/en/Jobs/Vacancies/Show/Researcher-FHM-.htm


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